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Originally Posted by Tartan78 View Post
If you have a varsity head coach that knows what he is doing the season length is fine...the toughest tourney in OH is Ironman which only involves the most serious of wrestlers. Then the next super serious tourneys are during Christmas Break. This will b the last big weekend. Most Coaches divide the wrestling season in 2 parts. They know how to manage the ebb and flows of the sport....

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You are drastically missing the point. Many head coaches who know what they're doing would still like the seasoned shortened. It is a long grueling season and imo a shorter season would help keep more kids out. Many kids are too burnt out by the end of the season to fully get involved with summer Greco and Freestyle. In a perfect world the season wouldn't start until after New Years to take the Holiday's completely out of the picture but I'm told there's something called spring sports that would interfere. I'd definitely settle for starting December 1st, that would condense everything by a month and take Thanksgiving out of the equation.
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