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Originally Posted by chidy View Post

Conceivably if they wanted to condense the season by 3 weeks they could do the following which would avoid the Arnold and end the season at the end of February.

11/19- 1st practice (get rid of the Friday start)
12/7- 1st Date of competition
1/19- Conference Tournaments
1/26- Team Regional
2/2- Team State
2/9- Sectionals
2/15-2/16- District
2/22-2/23- Individual State

During the 19-20 season state would fall on a leap year and you could have state 2/27-2/29 (There are 5 Saturday's in Feb during this year so you could push back things a week to end last weekend of February)

20-21 state would 2/25-2/27
I like this timeline and having state at the end of Feb. Many states follow this timeline already. What I like about this is it gives more time for off season lifting and locking hands season!
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