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I also think that the season could be shortened by 2-3 weeks.

The issue with cutting off the front end of the season is then Ironman would be the 1st weekend of the season instead of the 2nd (This has happened in the past). It can't be backed up because the Beast of the East is the following weekend and some of the teams that attend the Ironman wouldn't be able to attend the Beast and vice versa

I know that many teams don't attend these events but the Ironman puts all eyes on Ohio Wrestling at the beginning of the season and I think it's an important event to keep close to the time frame it is.

With the Team Regionals taking place next season on 2/2/19 my suggestion would be to have all conference tournaments the last weekend in January.

So here's how next season (18-19) could shape up hypothetically

11/19- 1st practice (not really a fan of the Friday start)
12/7- 1st Date of competition
1/26- Conference Tournaments
2/2- Team Regional
2/9- Team State
2/15-2/16- Sectionals
2/22-2/23- District
2/28-3/2- Individual State

This does create a problem with individual state falling on the same weekend as The Arnold which raises the price of hotels dramatically.

Conceivably if they wanted to condense the season by 3 weeks they could do the following which would avoid the Arnold and end the season at the end of February.

11/19- 1st practice (get rid of the Friday start)
12/7- 1st Date of competition
1/19- Conference Tournaments
1/26- Team Regional
2/2- Team State
2/9- Sectionals
2/15-2/16- District
2/22-2/23- Individual State

During the 19-20 season state would fall on a leap year and you could have state 2/27-2/29 (There are 5 Saturday's in Feb during this year so you could push back things a week to end last weekend of February)

20-21 state would 2/25-2/27
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