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Originally Posted by NEOHGTI View Post
What exactly do you mean by a '2 step' start? FWIW - if you're implying traveling, traveling is mostly defined, by rule, by the action of the pivot foot - returning it to the floor without an attempt at: shooting; passing;...or lifting it before releasing the ball to start a dribble. Number of 'steps' has nothing to do with traveling - ever. Only the action of the pivot foot - with a held ball and its relationship to the start of the dribble, shot, or pass - matters....or the knee/other part of the body touching the floor with a held ball.
Using your wording, how many times is a player allowed to return his pivot foot to the floor while shooting or passing or before beginning a dribble ?

If it's not about steps can he simply put the ball under his arm and run to the basket from half-court claiming he was in the act of shooting or passing ?

Going to the basket used to allow a step and a half, with the half being your pivot foot returning to the ground during your shot attempt. We now see 3 and sometimes 4 steps going to the basket without violation.
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