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Originally Posted by CincyBballFTW View Post
Team A and Team B are tied in OT with under 3 seconds to play. Team A is inbounding the ball off of a turnover coming out of a timeout. Inbounding the ball from underneath their defensive basket. Player X is told he can't move once he has the ball. Player X is given the ball by the ref and proceeds to pick up both feet multiple times, clearly picking them up, but may have only moved 6 inches. Ball is passed in with no call made team A proceeds down court for possible game winning shot.

Should the ball have been turned over to team B to inbound from that spot or was it correctly called?
No violation.

The spot for a throw in is actually 3 feet wide and is unlimited in depth.(unless constricted by a wall, bleachers...etc)

A player can move by any means as long as he/she keeps one foot in that designated area. There are no restrictions with regards to pivot foot, the player can dribble the ball, and he/she can jump up and down.

All without penalty
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