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Originally Posted by lchsman View Post
OHSAA tweeted this out....#OHSAA FOOTBALL: Due to the Cin. Indian Hill girls soccer Div. II state championship game at 3:30pm on Friday, the Indian Hill-Wyoming Div. IV, Region 16 semifinal football game has been pushed back to 8pm start time at Cin. Withrow Angus King Stadium.

So I do hear what your saying. Again, what bothers me is that itís only the 2nd round of the football playoffs. Itís the final 4 in volleyball. They didnít factor the volleyball games at all when this decision was made. And I feel bad for the girls. The only LC fans in Dayton on Friday will be parents.
Too bad OHSAA didn't give Lake the same consideration seeing it is the final 4. I just hope we win Friday in the semis so we can all get there Sat for the finals.