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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
And again, I will ask you...

If what we are talking about is a brilliant, talented, QUALIFIED, desired (Stanford, Yale, Princeton), self-promoting, young man getting admitted to these schools, it's "dog bites man" one cares. Breitbart cares, the author of this thread cares, YOU care, because of his stupid essay.
1) That's not a question. You claim to be a lawyer, you pretend to be this intellectual....yet you don't know the difference between being arrested and thrown into jail or the difference between a statement and a question? No chance. On top of that, you are so immature you play the "answer my question first then I'll answer yours" game. It's pathetic. Like I said, your faux-scholar personality here is incredibly transparent.
2) I don't care. Nor did I assume he was admitted because of his essay. I opened this thread because I had no idea what it was about and was intrigued. Upon reading I "cared" (your words, incorrect as usual) that he was being praised for his essay despite the fact it didn't answer the 2nd question of the prompt. I didn't mention jack about him being admitted.

So I'll ask for a third time: who here, based on their posts, has assumed he got into Stanford based solely on his essay? You won't answer, again, because you can't. You'll continue to deflect.
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