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Originally Posted by Looseball View Post
You are right about Baker. He certainly was a great college player. But for every Baker I can name 10 Dunbar grads who just didn't get it done as college players, or at least not have the careers that were anticipated.
I do not understand your comment. You could say that about any school or sport for that matter. Some schools have players go to college and have average / below average careers and some have very good college careers, but never make it long term in the pros or don't even get drafted. Luke is a great high school player and I hope he continues his success in college. If you want to compare Luke to players that already played at college is a bit unfair. After Luke is done playing college, than we can discuss his career to those from other schools that didn't have great careers in college. I am sure Luke will do fine at Duke. Whether he can dominate in college time will tell.