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Originally Posted by borntopin View Post
Montgomery was just offered from Michigan State. Best player in the SWBL in a long time.. You've tried digging Ryan forever and spewing nonsense about Colin and other current and past league greats being the better athlete. Truth is you do not and will never know more than the D 1 big boy scouts of college football know and get paid to know regardless of your ego Spartan. You have a great imagination of how these kids project at the next level. Your race card comments are beyond laughable.

Next years prediction SW POY Montgomery Buckeye Svarda

Franklin wins the southeestern league and Madison goes undefeated in conference play
Uh congrats to Ryan Montgomery. Best kid I have seen in the SWBL in a long time. Valley View had a kid a while back who went to Stanford, one of the fastest kids I have ever seen forget his name. I agree with your predictions as far as the league goes. Cant see Franklin losing a game next season and Madison will roll in their division.
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