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Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
I'm not a Division 1 scout so I can't tell you everything they look at that is separating Montgomery from these two. Maybe its grades, maybe because Montgomery is so much more versatile a player than the others maybe they feel he has the "IT" factor and they do not. I'm just thrilled the SWBL has a big time recruit. Lets be honest, it is not that often that our conference produces kids that have major college offers.
If he's white he's too small too slow bottom line. Same kind of bs black qb went through for years.

Scouting report John McCallister recruiting guru.
AJ Ouellette
Ohio University

At an MSROHIO football combine two years, I watched a player just put up really good numbers. Quick. Fast. Strong. Excellent burst. Solid 190. Good upper body strength. Great attitude.

Some negatives – 5’8 in height. Maybe 5’9 every other day. Another negative for some, but not for me – small school program. Final negative – for some college coaches, but not for me. He was a white running back. Please do not “beat me up verbally,” but as much as college recruiters will deny these negatives. All three are considered when recruiting an RB.
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