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Originally Posted by LM Panthers View Post
I'm not trying to argue with anyone. I always ask the question to people when they say my son ran this time in the 40. I don't know how these combine's are timing but most are hand held times. Which a 4.5 hand held time would be 4.7to 4.8 FAT time. The NFL uses Eletronic timing which a person starts the clock and a laser stops the clock. Now some good timers can come close to the time but you should at another .7 to an Electronic time to convert to FAT timing. I know it doesn't matter but I always ask the person what is his 100 meter time.

Just like on another thread where Patten from Little Miami ran a 4.4. I've watched him run track and I respect his father and him. No way he ran a 4.4 and I'm betting this 4.5 is not very accurate as well. I remember Darrell Green and a couple of fast NFL guys ran against 100 meter runners and about half way down the track the 100 meter sprinters walked away from the NFL guys.
Uh, there is no doubt the Patten kid is the top returning RB in the SWOC this season. The kid is really fast, but he is 165 lbs. If he gets in the open field its over. Is he a D1 recruit? I doubt it.
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