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Originally Posted by hoser View Post
Uh Montgomery was the best safety I saw all last season.He will play D in college.Its all about speed. 4.8 kids don't run the ball at big time schools.
I don't know wallens 40 but I know he was a top 5 sprinter in track. I saw john McAllister timed genslinger in a 4.5 at his combine so I'd say that's about where bailey is too. I seen Ryan run last year and he might be a 4.8 guy run about 11.8-12 100. Bailey is the top player in the sw then I'd give Ryan a slight edge over genslinger. But another low 100 guy and one of the top SWBL backs all time was Reed from Carlisle and only Air Force FBS offered him. I'm not saying Ryan can't do it he can but I've seen much better RB in the league. You may be right about him at safety. And yes franklin staff did a great job using him.

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