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SWOC Week 5

Originally Posted by JetSweepAudible View Post
Talk amongst those in the SWOC is that Harrison gave them the game. Harrison still slinging the ball around with 3 minutes to go when they had a lead. interception-interception on last two possessions and Edgewood walks out the winner.

Edgewood was the better team this year. First half was full of mistakes that killed long drives for Edgewood. Edge D was on point and the O moved the ball at will most of the night. Save the four first half fumbles and one bad punt, Edge goes in at the half 21-7. Instead it's 14-17 Harrison. Edge cleans up their act and plays the second half like they should and.....result! Two touchdowns plus a defensive shut out.

Congrats to Harrison. They are tough as usual. Got what i expected, a good clean hard nosed game.

Interceptions in the fourth were due to Harrison pressing from behind with a dinged up QB against a good defense.

Harrison gave nothing away. Edgewood took the game from them after the half!

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