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There does not necessarily need to be a ‘ceremonial restart’ (on the Official’s whistle) with any Free kick......this allows the attacking team the option of a quick restart, before the defense can get organized, etc. When a quick restart IS utilized, the defenders must still make the effort to move towards the 10 yard distance, AND not try to any anyway interfere with the free kick (raise a leg to block it, jump into the ball’s path, etc.). To assure they get 10 years, the attackers, must request it to the official, who then should notify the players, “On my whistle”, etc. The exception, of course, to this is a Penalty Kick (which IS a ‘free kick); that’s a whole different animal......

With’s my own ‘match management’ in these situations. After I blow the whistle for a foul, I’ll immediately begin “encouraging” defenders anywhere near 10 from the ball to "keep moving away, 7”, etc. If a wall initially sets up at a ridiculous distance.....say 4-5 yards from the ball placement for the happened in my HS match tonight.......they then might themselves a solid 12-13 yards from the ball, along being notified that a repeat performance will find them at 15 yards. “10 Yards” from a free kick is the MINIMUM distance, not the ‘exact' or ‘maximum’ distance. Walls that are set at obviously less than 10 yards are ‘Gamesmanship', indirectly delaying the restart by forcing their being moved to 10. Of course, another exception......Free Kicks by the attacking team on their opponents 6 of the Goal Area, IWC the ‘wall’ would be directly ON the goal line.

Defenders that run to the spot of the foul, after the spot of the FK is indicated, will automatically get Cautioned for ‘Delaying a Restart’; no excuse for this behavior, as will defenders that kick the ball away from the spot of the foul, AND members of the wall that sprint towards the ball after the whistle is sounded, but before the ball is restarted.

With regard to the amount of time getting the ball restarted with a free kick.......for me, it’s the same as with subs, taking throw-ins, goal kicks, corners etc.: observe how a team manages these through out the game, how timely they, etc. Is there 1-2 specific players they use for corners, for example.....and if that player is a defender, understand it’ll take a few seconds longer. IOW, understand their plan, their 'patterns of play’, etc. If they are lolly-gagging with any of these along the way, I encourage them to ‘move in a more timely fashion’. If they get slower, late the game when they’re ahead by 1 goal......the clock just might be stopping, the Captains informed “I see what you’re doing here!”, etc.

JTK....I hope this helps some......
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