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Interesting to me mainly because my son won the youth Ohioway state title with this exact move last year, but he was the top kid.

It was tied, he had a leg in and figure 4'd and had managed to put in a cross face cradle on the kid as the kid tripod'ed up. The kid did the same thing, hooked my son's head and rolled (but was MUCH less violent, it was really a roll to try to come out on top). My son rolled right through and got the 5 count for the cradle.

My son DEFINITELY had no feet or post on the ground as he had a figure 4 and a cradle at the same time. If he had been slammed like this, I definitely would have been upset but I am SURE that at the time if the ref had stopped it for PD I would have been upset as well having not seen/known the danger.

I am very interested on if it should have been stopped for PD or just a point for the maliciousness of the slam.

My son rides legs a lot and turns it into various unorthodox leg tilts (cradles, ball and chain, etc) and has been in this situation a few times and it has NEVER been called PD, he has ended up scoring with a tilt each and every time as the kid tries to "roll" he ends up on his own back giving up 2 or 3 points.

While it would suck to lose that scoring opportunity for him, I would HATE to see what happened to the top kid happen to my son, it was QUITE obvious he had a concussion the way his arms went out.