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I would like everyone's opinions on this maneuver. Thoughts?

Many officials do not stop the match quickly enough when there is an imminent dangerous situation. It has appeared for quite some time, that the majority "waits" to see what happens... Then it is too late.

Too many times, wrestlers are taken to the mat when they do not have a way to defend themselves from going to the mat (i.e. they do not have a post). you see this a lot when the wrestler in control has a trapped wrist (2-on-1) and they take the wrestler to the mat on their head. I understand that this is a hard position to prevent injury, however, in the 5 events that our wrestlers have been in, I have seen this situation occur at least a dozen times and only once was an official quick to stop the action because the bottom wrestler was starting to go to the mat without a post. This should be called potentially dangerous immediately. I do understand that this is hard to stop, but I don't think we are doing a very good job preventing the situation. I also believe that coaches should eliminate this practice in their own wrestling room and make their wrestlers aware of the danger it poses.

With new concussion protocols it is too easy to lose a kid for an extended period of time, not to mention that the kid could seriously become injured.

This needs immediate attention for our officials. As a whole, they are not doing a good enough job of preventing imminent danger to the wrestlers. I am seeing this happen way too much.


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