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Originally Posted by huskerdoc View Post
Since your not a trained professional, I skin form document should be fine for him to wrestle then. If a Dr. trusts he won't spread the disease then all should be good. I'm making sure he has them covered as well. I just need to know now to see if I have to get him to a Dr. to have them removed so that they have time to heal before football and wrestling begin. That is why I'm asking the question.
You are 100% correct, I am not a trained medical person. However, you are incorrect in a couple of ways.

The Doctor is not the person on the mat with the wrestler. The opponent and I am in that position. We are the ones who have to deal with any fallout if the Doctor was not correct. Again, better safe than sorry.

Second, covering anything that is contagious does not make the athlete eligible to compete.

Third, if a Doctor tells me that a wrestler con not complete, I have no ability or reason to over-rule him/her. However, the reverse is not true. A doctor could fill out the form completely correctly and allow a wrestler to compete.

However, in the absence of a train medical person (on site and paid for by the event or school), I can easily over-ride the note. The Doctor fills it out with the idea that time and medications will heal the problem by such and such a date. What happens if the athlete doesn't do what the Doctor prescribed? The situation is no better than before the doctor visit.

That is why the rules makers give us that latitude. It is NOT to prevent anyone from competing but it is to keep problems to a minimum.

My suggestion, get it taken care of instead of waiting and hoping.

I would rather see your son compete.
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