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Here' my best of the best from dayton area since 1964

Bill Hosket/Chaminade-Ohio State
Bob Smyth/Beavercreek-Florida
Mike Haley/Dunbar-Wright State-
Evan Eschemeyer/New Knoxville-Northwestern
Jason Collier/Springfield Catholic Central-Indiana and Georgia Tech
Andre Hutson/Trotwood-Madison-Michigan State
Adraine Payne/Dayton Jefferson-Michigan State
Maverick Morgan/Springboro-Illinois
Bruce "Sky" King/Dayton Patterson-Iowa
Don May/Dayton Belmont-Dayton
Doug Ashworth/Beavercreek-Tennessee
Randy Ayers/Springfield North-Miami, OH.
Frankie Sanders/Dayton Stivers-Southern U.
Jim Paxson/Kettering Alter-Dayton
Virgil "Spoon" Kennedy/Dayton Stebbins-Texas El Paso
Ron Harper/Dayton Kiser-Miami, OH.
Jeff Graham/Kettering Alter-Ohio State (football)
Andy McCullough/Dayton Meadowdale-Tennessee (football)
Brooks Hall/Troy-Dayton
Derrick Brown/Chaminade Julienne-Xavier
Deaquan Cook/Dayton Dunbar-Ohio State
Chris Wright/Trotwood-Madison-Dayton
Bill Kucharski/Trotwood-Madison-Arizona State
Jervaugh Scales/Dayton Colonel White-Southern I.
Lionel Garrett/Dayton Fairview/Southern U.
Van Evans/urbana
Mike Pratt/Dayton Meadowdale-Kentucky
Mike Blevins/Springboro-Jacksonville
Jody Finney/Springfield South-Ohio State
Rudi Benjamin/Dayton Roosevelt-Michigan State
Donald Smith/Dayton Roth-Dayton
Dan Gerhard/Chaminade-Ohio State
Steve Greene/Fairborn-Southqwestern Louisiana
Jeff Currie/Jefferson-Missouri
Dwight Anderson/Roth-Kentucky and USC
Fred Carson/Springfield North-Texas
John Paxson/kettering Alter-Notre Dame
JIm Pollard/Northridge=Arizona State
Greg Nared/Wilmington-Maryland
Kirk Taylor/Dunbar-Michigan
Mark Baker/Dunbar-Ohio State
Richard "Tutu" Brown/Dunbar-Miami, Oh. and Nevada
Darnell Hoskins/Chaminade-Wisconsin and Dayton
Matt Witt/Bethel-Eastern Kentucky
Norris Cole/Dunbar-Cleveland state
janie Skelton/Meadowdale-Ohio State
Darnell Hahn/Belmont-Dayton
Ray Springer/Meadowdale-Dayton
Ivan Patterson/Colonel White-Oklahoma City U

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