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Originally Posted by Looseball View Post
You can't be serious. Johnson on par to graduate? You've been following a different career than than the rest of the basketball world. Hawkins, Yates, Bass, Akbar all washed out at their schools, but that's not the point I was making. I'm talking strictly about reaching their basketball potential. You are right about Baker. He certainly was a great college player. But for every Baker I can name 10 Dunbar grads who just didn't get it done as college players, or at least not have the careers that were anticipated. On another note, why hasn't Donald Smith been mentioned as one of the 10 greatest players. He is my all time favorite Dayton area high school player, and he had a great career at UD. Without a doubt the best pure shooter to ever play in our area.

Geron graduated....and like I said all tell me how all those guys are not reaching there potential.
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