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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
Two situations:

1. Offense is in-bounding the ball. The offensive player is towing the sideline but both feet are still out-of-bounds. He starts to pass it in but holds the ball with his arms extended out onto the court. The defender hits the ball out of his hands. What is the call?

2. Team A is trailing by 4 points with :06 seconds left in the game with the ball. They tell the ref they are going to make a 3-pointer and then intentionally kick the ball for a delay of game. This would be the first offense for delay of game. What is the call in this situation?
Situation #1 -- There is no call as no violation has occurred. The offensive player holding the ball across the throw-in plane makes it available to the defense.

Situation #2 -- A technical foul is assessed to the defensive team. Two free throws awarded to the offensive team along with the ball for a throw-in at the division line. A delay of game warning is also issued with the technical foul. If there was less than 5 seconds you cannot allow the defense to benefit from committing this illegal act.

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