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Originally Posted by Diamond Hit Club View Post
To clear things up... What happened is rain came in and it was so bad the tournament posted single elimination after everyone's first pool game. Every team in the tournament made it to single Elimination including this independent team starting with each team's next pool play games regardless of the any of the previous games played in the entire tournament. DHC went on the next day to win two games securing a final eight spot in the tournament on Sunday.

In regards to League Directors and teams refusing to play also untrue. This independent team did get to play a game just like all the other 32 teams including DHC after their first pool game. They lost in single elimination play and did not make it to the next round.
Not the whole story.

The tournament director realized his mistake and told the two 1-0 teams before the single elimination games started that regardless of what happened in their game, the team that would be 1-1 would get a second game that day. They were told this so that the Coaches could make decisions on line-ups, etc. Later, the independent team was told that there would be no second game, even with the DHC team, as someone had objected to it. If the DHC team was willing to do the right thing, why was there no second game between them? They knew they had been given a break playing the other 0-1 team in pool play and that the first tie-breaker in these tournaments is usually head to head.

It appears at least one team refused to play the game.

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