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Originally Posted by MAGA View Post
You probably heard Hillary was going to win the election too, eh? That tournament was changed to single elimination for all 32 teams regardless of each of the 32 teams win/loss record after the first games played. Win and move on, lose and you're out....period, end of story. DHC won two and made it to elite "8". The "indie" team lost their first game and was OUT, until they cried like little school girls that they didn't think the new format was fair, and because they beat DHC in the first pool game prior to THE NEW FORMAT, and that they should be allowed back in the tournament. Wrong Wrong and Wrong....oh and by the way Hillary didn't win the election and it wasn't Russia's doing! MAGA! LOL
Welcome to Yappi, btw. Great first post.

Which new format ? It sounds like there were several PDFs on the tournament site that were changed.

Fortunately for DHC, the final "new format" lined them up with someone that they were actually able to beat.
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