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How about some of these organizations and I'm not just referring to DHC, start putting the years the kids who have college commitments played for their organizations. As I look through the lists of the different organizations I see kids on the commitment lists that I know played 1 year for these organizations, and on some of them the only year they played for them was after their senior year of high school, which means the organization had very little or nothing to do with them getting recruited.

Also, it would be nice if the organizations spell out what exact service you have to get them recruited-will you produce video for them, help them with college coaches contact information, actively contact coaches, etc. and at what cost.

By the way my son is playing at a D3 school and could have gone to a D2 school. He took control of his recruitment, made our own video had someone with experience edit for him, emailed it coaches of schools he was interested in and set up meetings with them.
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