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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
OMG, Lonzo played 38 minutes!!! Of course he's going to put up some stats!! There's a 24 second shot clock and he has the ball in his hands alot!! Between the missed shots for both teams, including free throws, there was 113 missed shots. For someone playing 38 minutes, 8 rebounds would be very much expected. For having the ball in his hands alot, 8 assists would be very much expected, as well as 10 points. Now I will say on the positive side, for playing 38 minutes and having the ball as much as he does 0 turnovers is remarkable.

So I will praise Lonzo Ball for the first time for playing 38 minutes and having 0 turnovers in an NBA game. But his inability to shoot will lower his ceiling considerably. Players that can't shoot don't last long in today's NBA.
You’ve gone as far as saying he doesn’t belong on an nba court, but he’s a high usage player running the offense on a fairly competitive Laker team that is extremely young.
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