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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
This is the problem with your argument. I personally know plenty of Trump supporters, not one of them is a neo-Nazi. To claim neo-Nazis are Trump's "base" is just an attempt to inflame the argument.

Trump's "base" is middle Americans. They agree and disagree with him on plenty of issues, just like EVERY other group of supporters for EVERY other candidate. What makes them his base is that they align more with his ideas than they do Hillary's.

The most interesting thing about this argument is that Trump will be re-elected if the economy is good in 2020. He will lose his re-election if the economy is bad. His "base" didn't have it so good under Obama and is hoping this change of leadership will help them and the rest of the country.
Trump's strongest support is among these white nationalists. These are the core of his base. His refusal to disavow literal Nazis is both alarming and horrifying.
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