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Originally Posted by Yappi View Post
This is the problem with your argument. I personally know plenty of Trump supporters, not one of them is a neo-Nazi. To claim these people are Trump's "base" is just an attempt to inflame the argument.

Trump's "base" is middle Americans. They agree and disagree with him on plenty of issues, just like EVERY other group of supporters for EVERY other candidate. What makes them his base is that they align more with his ideas than they do Hillary's.
Absolutely true.

I would like to see the President issue a simple statement tomorrow.

"As I said yesterday, violence from or against any group is wrong. It should not and will not be tolerated. And to racists and anti-Semites who claim to support me, know this: I denounce your bigotry and reject your support."

I don't see anything wrong with Trump's initial statement. But the statements from GOP senators, representatives, and state politicians have been direct, and only make Trump’s look worse by comparison.
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