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Originally Posted by BHSspartans13 View Post
Those games were fun and usually close. Lake's stadium will always be my favorite. Would love to have an excuse to get back over there for a game...From 04-09 the home team lost every game in the series lol. Anyways the population shift has really hurt the Mahoning/Stark areas except for Jackson it seems. I have a friend that lives in the Green area and every time I'm there I have a hard time believing it's a D2 school. It has built up in much the same vain Boardman did in the late 80s in terms of commercial investment, etc. Perhaps just an older population. And it seems that Lake leveled off as well. For awhile I though you guys were gonna skyrocket into D1 for football. Of course the 7th division nixed a lot of that but the raw numbers in most places have trended downward.

Here in Mahoning county, it's hard to believe but Poland is now D4 and basically the same size as many of the schools that want to avoid it. Politics and demographic change is a toxic mix...
Actually Green is projected to be the size of Jackson in the next couple of years. You are seeing them grow. Lake is actually smaller then 1991 by 75 boys. The Lake area people move out there and graduate, parents stay. The Louisville area is having the same issue...sounds very much like the Youngstown area.
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