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Originally Posted by BHSspartans13 View Post
The problem is based on demographics and school size Boardman would be better off in the Fed and Canfield, Poland, and Howland would be better off in a league with schools like Louisville. It's just that all those schools are an hour-plus away.

Boardman gets absolutely nothing out of playing East. Jackson and Perry bring more fans. I'd rather dump them from the schedule if it meant joining another league. Boardman would be better off playing 7 fed schools and Mooney, Fitch, and Ursuline/Harding. If Boardman, Fitch, and Harding got added to the Fed you could have a rotating 10 team league schedule and the league would be able to do one-time round robin for the other sports which frees up plenty of opportunities for local games. Call me crazy, but Boardman had ideal scheduling when in the Fed with Fitch. There were only 3-4 Fed trips a season for sports like basketball and 3/5 of the schedule was area teams. The AAC is just too unstable and the problem is there isn't a sweet spot of local competition and fair/equitable scheduling.
I thought you would like the comment with geographical I actually think if it was just Boardman coming back to the Fed it would work. Boardman would be the one to do most of the driving and the Fed football teams would only go to Youngstown once every other year...and with the new stadium...that would work. Most of the grumbling over here was going over their twice. Lake had the schedule where they did it twice in one year and not the next...still it was close to one in the morning when got back and organizing for the next week game.
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