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East, WGH, Boardman, and Fitch will continue to play each other and have a pseudo league no matter amongst themselves - don't see many schools stepping up to join them.

the other two tiers are full with 8 each and that can be leagues, what I was looking for was geography likeness and relationships. When ITCL broke up it was a quick turn around for the two new leagues to form, are those little formations already happening?

and stack attack - WB SR and Salem could get with Crestview and say who wants to join us rather than them looking to join anyone. Then again does the EBC fold? Seems to me everyone is so happy now they only have to play Louisville one more year, but with crestview sitting right there, when does Alliance and or Marlington become "just too big" or "too good" to stay and the schools that did it once do it again to get smaller schools they can beat in basically what just happened. There is a voting block of 3 and I am sure shrinking minerva would be all about adding in another school smaller or actually their size.
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