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Originally Posted by Middie 85 Alum View Post
Wasn't Baker removed from AD?
Baker is till the AD, there is a whole thread about the DPS fiasco. Find it and catch up. Interesting read.

On another note, heard the Beylue(sp?) kid played with Middletown and Trotwood some during the summer open period. I'm assuming this is not any type of violation because it happens where kids play with different teams in the summer? The info I received is that he is leaning towards transferring Middletown but it is not sign and sealed yet. Don't know about the two Dunbar kids. This would fix Hoskins problem for a year but ultimately he is going to have to have some talent to win and transferring to Middletown is not always going to be the best option for kids from the city to go elsewhere. Just too far I would think, but who knows these days.. Transferring of students at this point, I am ready to say it has gotten out of control, not just here nation wide. It really seems to have no end to the possibilities of how it could be done. I read an article earlier this year about a kid that went to 4 different HS by the end of his Junior year. Nuts! Wherever those kids go, good luck! I would think it would be wise to finish out what they had especially when you just made a run to Columbus, but hey it seems logic sometimes is out of the picture.

Here is good read on just how nuts this transferring thing is.
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