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Originally Posted by swofan View Post
Are you serious about the CHL being a weak conference? They are all public schools, 3 of which have been to a D2 State Title game (4 total games) and 2 state champions. If you could list me a better D2 public conference in Ohio that year in and year out wins district and regional titles and does it the right way please let us know. I guess if you don't beat the system or draw from all over the city you are considered a weak group of schools. Indian Hill is a HEAVY favorite to repeat in D2 and it won't be close.
A conference with Taylor, Finneytown, Reading and Deer Park cannot be considered a strong conference. I'll give you that the top 4 are usually pretty good. The best d2/d3 conference in the State is the GCL Coed multiple state championships in the last 10 years...Fenwick, Alter, McNick, Badin (more than once) there are no weak sisters now that Purcell hasn't had a team for the past 3 years. IH has supplemented their non conference schedule with some strong teams so thats to their credit. How many Seniors did they lose last year? Saying it won't be close might be a stretch. i think any of the four teams above could give them a run not to mention CJ,Carroll.
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