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Originally Posted by sig4969 View Post
Just a History question.
I though a long time ago I though you needed time on the clock to try the Point after T.D. ?

Do you know when this rule was changed ?
Maybe it was just college .
just wondering......
Under NFHS and NCAA rules the game is over if the PAT will not alter the outcome.

The NFL is different for a couple of reasons...

In the regular season, even if the PAT would not change the outcome of the game, either by the offense or defense scoring, the PAT could have affect the point differential formulas for playoff tiebreakers.

The other reason......... gambling. Millions of dollars hinged on that PAT yesterday. The NFL decided some time ago (for some reason, 2008 sticks in my brain) that since they will snap the ball during the regular season, they'll do it in the post-season as well. They are damned if they do and damned if they don't........

That said, after taking almost 10 minutes to snap the ball and take a knee, they need to revisit the reason why they would do this in the post-season..... which is another damned if they do/don't situation because they will never admit publicly that their reason was linked to gambling.
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