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Originally Posted by TitanBall4 View Post
Can someone clear up Time Clock running after a penalty being enforced and prior to the snap on next play. On more than one occasion I witnessed what appeared to be excessive time coming off the clock after a penalty was enforced. In one instance the team that was winning had possession of the ball - after a short run play- they lined up and the play clock ran down to final seconds, the ball was snapped- offensive illegal procedure was called immediately- the GAME clock stopped for the referees to move the ball back and reset 5 yards, upon resetting the referee circled his arm for the clock to run- at which time BOTH the play clock and the GAME clock began to run... the winning team allowed another 44 seconds to run off the REAL. I turned to the people around me and observed the fact that the winning team RAN a full minute and 30 seconds OFF the game clock without costing them a down (only the 5 yards from the penalty)- I insisted that the GAME CLOCK should not have ran - only the PLAY clock after the ball resetting 5 yards back on the penalty. A couple of experienced fans around me disagreed... I told them IF that's the case- you could run out the clock by committing penalties- moving backwards but not losing downs. I also saw this at the beginning of a game in which it was in the teams best interest to keep other offense off the field, Is this correct? I thought after a penalty is enforced (accepted) the GAME CLOCK should remain stopped until the next play is run.
In general, the status of the clock remains the same after the penalty enforcement as it was prior to the enforcement. (there are some fouls that mandate the clock starting at the snap after enforcement)

However, a rule change prior to this season provided for the offended team to have the option of having the clock start on the snap if that penalty enforcement occurs inside the final two minutes of either half.
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