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Originally Posted by domi View Post
I graduated way back in 93 so I can't answer how St Johns is operating nowadays but I would suspect part of what you are saying is true. There were programs back then to help the poor kids who wanted a Jesuit education and most of the kids were not stud athletes. Now it looks like many of the poor kids wanting a Jesuit education just happen to be pretty good athletes.

I'm sure part of it is also the program that has been built at St Johns. The program sells itself to kids with its success over the last 30 years.
at the best homeboy you're coming to this late or at the worst, you're a johnnie uh I mean, playing naivete.

We've been through these discussions on the board to distraction way too many times. We all generally know the infamous 20-20 program, been through the discussions and opinion flinging of the when's and why's and timing. We know of the kids that earned "schollies" cleaning the cafeteria vs. other things maybe. On the boards, nothing is being said not also heard from people within the SJJ community, about how that program was and is being used, who was running the school, is it really true to the mottos or just a wanna-be prep school... Been there, threw that around.

But we've learned to live with the compromise. johnnies will recognize the hypocrisy they throw out by not throwing it out, be humble, realize the school's rep is built by who they let in the door, not who they send out and we mostly still cheer on whoever leaves district to represent the area, because generally, they're still a team of kids from here.

I think there is only one truly closed district in the area, and they're the ones that got punished. So except for them, we recognize most operate with some similarity, but sjj seems to be the only one pretending they don't. So they get the reputation on the boards (and in the area really) of being horse's azzes.

Stay humble, the threads stay on track. If the school can manage to instill that into their students, maybe someday the recruits will even achieve their potential and we'll see a state championship before Ed creates a sinkhole with his foot stomping tantrums. Just realize most people are more impressed when a team is built from the ground up (those old days you mention), regardless the end result versus even a state champion built from mid-season transfers. Ultimately, they're still kids from here, regardless where they chose to go to school or why.

I think that should generally catch you up on about 15 year's of board discussion.
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