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Originally Posted by Monclova Steve View Post
I'm confident that Senzel is going to be a very successful major leaguer. How successful? I don't know.
No matter what level he begins the season at, he's at the point in his career when he must play everyday in order to keep improving. That means that, if he makes the Reds' opening day roster, he needs to be a starter at his position.
The biggest mistake the Reds can make with him is not bringing him up too late, but bringing him up before he's ready.
Thus far, his most advanced experience has been 57 games at the AA level. He did very well at Pensacola, but Pensacola ain't every day in the National League. Pensacola isn't even AAA.
Based on his track record, I see an excellent player with a bright future. I also see a very slim amount of evidence that he's ready to start in the major leagues.
Thank you....