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Pretty good participation on the "AARP Boys" first trivia quiz. The most recent update is below. Tonight at mid-night (Tuesday, 12:00 am), everyone is permitted THREE more guesses. Also, remember that Googling is still not permitted.

HOOPS - Players from the early 1970s - name the college they represented:

1. Jimmy Collins - New Mexico State (Bevo)
2. Bubba Jones, UNANSWERED
3. "Corky" Calhoun - Pennsylvania (coldshoulder)
5. Reggie Royals, UNANSWERED
6. Richie Fuqua, Oral Roberts (Bevo)
7. Mike D'Antoni, Marshall (kent16)
8. Mike Bantom, St. Joseph's (Monclova Steve)
9. Leonard Gray, Tennessee State is incorrect
10. John Fraley, UNANSWERED

Extra-Credit (Hoops):

A. What famous musician, born in Cleveland's "Little Italy" section was Digger Phelps' former father-in-law?
B. Who was the first African-American head basketball coach in the Big Ten?
A good guess, but Clem Haskins is incorrect

MUSIC - One-Hit Wonders from the early 1970s - name the recording artist(s):

11. "Indiana Wants Me", R. Dean Taylor (Mr. Slippery)
12. "Rose Garden", Lynn Anderson (Zunardo)
13. "In the Summertime", Mungo Jerry (coldshoulder)
14. "Lay a Little Lovin' On Me", UNANSWERED
15. "Yellow River", Lou Christie is incorrect
16. "Mr. Big Stuff", UNANSWERED
17. "Gone", UNANSWERED
19. "Lovin' You", Minnie Ripperton (80greyhound)
20. "Rock On", David Essex (Zunardo)

Extra-Credit (Music):

C. I had a one-hit wonder in the 1970s. I was also married to two music legends (Duane Eddy and Waylon Jennings). Who Am I?
D. Currently, I have my own TV show, but my late mother was the artist who recorded #19. Who Am I?
Maya Rudolph (Zunardo)

Keep the Ball Rollin'

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