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Originally Posted by graceunder View Post
First, Coon took zero shots the 2nd and 3 periods and yet received 0 staling calls. It sure does make it easier to wrestle when all you need to do is play defense for 2 periods. As I stated before I salute Coon for winning but it is unfortunate that wrestling matches can be won that way. I am not talking about the last 30 seconds, Coon did not take a shot for the last 2 periods. I do not care if it is an OSU wrestler or anyone from middle school to the Olympics you should be called for staling if you do not take a shot over the last 2 periods.

Next, no complaints about the weight difference. I wrote.... I respect and admire Snyder for wrestling Coon, a great wrestler, and giving up between 50 to 60 lbs.
I find that highly commendable.
was it strategy or stalling?
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