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Originally Posted by CuriousGeorge1 View Post
I saw this tweet:

Mike Mattin‏ @mikemattin
Shoutout to @_stedswrestling for bringing 16 kids to @NHSCA nationals and placing 9. Not too difficult to see why they consistently excel!

However, I can't find the actual brackets anywhere. Does anyone know where they are posted?

I did see quite a few guys are already up in weight...Rini, Andonian, and Dover to be precise. Wrestling up a weight class at an off season event doesn't mean much. I did notice several other wrestlers who actually competed at a lower weight class than their in season weight class. I believe the weigh-in was +5, so those three are all candidates to move up at least one weight class next year and multiple would not be a shocker. It is next to impossible to try and guess a lineup this far in advance, but I'll give it a shot.

106- Open
113- Rini/Poole
120- Richter
126- Hepner
132- Kazimir
138- Andonian
145- Garcar
152- Dover
160- Cundiff
170- Beard
182- Lisco
195- Howard
220- Fattah
Hvy- Santillo

That is my prediction guaranteed to be wrong. I won't put any incoming Freshmen into a prediction. However, if the 8th graders being rumored to be coming to St. Edward to in fact come, they will obviously have an impact on the lineup.
Bracket links are here:
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