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One of these years, you need to get out to Memphis for a game. There are some cool old school stadiums in West Tennessee.

It's too bad the old Crump Stadium is no longer around. It actually hosted high school games, SEC football games, and Memphis State football games prior to 1964 when all of the college games shifted to what is now known as the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

Believe it or not, the old Crump Stadium stood in its 25,000 seat configuration all the way up until 2004 when it was demolished, and replaced with a "normal size" football stadium.

Anyway, some goodies still exist around town. I really like Memphis Melrose's stadium. The neighborhood is a bit rough, but you should be OK at a high school football game. Just make sure you park where everyone else is parking, and it's well lit.

Cincinnati LaSalle played at Memphis Christian Brothers last year, and they have a nice stadium, too, although it's much newer than Melrose's.

Memphis University School also has a really nice home side, but the visitor side isn't much to write home about.

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