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Competitive Balance

Competitive Balance

It is a fact that phantom students will appear as part of a school’s enrollment starting next fall. This is because, if a school has more than one junior high feeding into its high school, the high school will have to choose its primary junior high. Student athletes coming from the other, non-primary, junior high will be counted as 2 students. - Is this Fair and Equitable? Those schools that do not have official junior high schools, but have smaller k-8 schools instead, will be required to pick one primary “feeder school,” and all of the student athletes coming from the other, non-primary “feeder schools” will count as two students. - Is this Fair and Equitable? Student athletes who move into a district or change schools, and who have not been a student at their primary “feeder school” since the 7th grade, will count as anywhere from 2 to 6 phantom students, depending on the team sport the student athlete participates in. - Is this Fair and Equitable?

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