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Originally Posted by the green fog View Post
Since STO was bought by FOX Drennans show has been watered down . In fact it stinks and is hard to watch . Trivisanno is still on 1100 and is by FAR ,the best radio personality in all the land . He is conservative and speaks with common sense and intelligence . He is needed to set the "kneelers". Whacky libtards straight . I really enjoy Triv .
Triv is a shell of what he used to be. Since Triv was bought out by ClearChannel and became a greedy old man he lost much of his entertainment value for me. Day-to-day, he sucks now. He is good to listen to when a big new event hits the news, or during baseball playoffs.

When Drennan followed Triv daily on WTAM and they would fight in the studio while goofy Drennan came in to prep for his own shift, it could be quite funny. Drennan's ego made him an easy mark for Triv. A pouting punching bag.
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