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Originally Posted by Spartan0505 View Post
Yep. Maybe if Struthers and Hubbard played a tougher schedule, they would go farther in the playoffs... ? That's why I like what Boardman is doing these last couple years. You're not going to have a great team every year, just the way it is. But Mooney, Ursuline, Harding, Big Red, etc are all on the schedule year after year. Even when Boardman has dropped to D2 and lose kids every year to other schools.
I agree. As a die hard Hubbard fan, maybe a better schedule would have already brought a title home. We obviously have the talent every year. Besides scheduling I think depth hurts a lot of teams in our area. In the playoffs schools are dressing 80+ with talent on the bench. How many schools in our area are doing this on a regular basis? Money, Ursuline, have dropped off a bit from the early 2000 dominance. Boardman operates like a D3/D4 team anymore. Maybe austintown? The area is shrinking. Balance is going away. Who knows what the landscape will look like in 10 more years. I know it's only going to get worse.
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