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Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post
The problem was, your season was your 10 game schedule. There wasn't anything more to play. So you put it all on the line every week. Even at the advent of the playoffs, only 12 of roughly 800+ schools qualified, so most still just went with 'play the best schedule you can' and really going 9-1 or 10-0 against a murderers' row schedule was the only way to make the playoffs.

The current setup basically requires finesse, instead of brute strength. Not only do you need to make it 10 weeks with enough points, but healthy enough to go possibly five more. Taking a loss, including a brow-beating loss that is just an L the moment it's scheduled, isn't worth it at all.
I agree but I think that thinking is flawed.

All this rearranging, dodging, hiding behind a 'make the playoffs' philosophy has done exactly what good for the teams that have decided to go down that road?

How many titles do those teams have during the playoff era? Any? Struthers? Hubbard? Howland? Canfield? None that I know of.

The truth is that the teams are going to make runs and win titles have done so and are doing so.

The others are just rearranging deck chairs.

Has scheduling the Collinwoods and Kenmores of the world helped Hubbard go anywhere? Has refusing to play Mooney done anything for Canfield? How about all the complaining from the coach at Struthers? Howland?

Actually, strike Howland. When they were at their peak they put Harding on the schedule. Much more ballsy than any of the other schools have done combined.

If I were a kid at one of those schools, I would rather play the locals that their ADs and coaching staffs are hiding from rather than some city school from Akron or Cleveland. No matter the playoff implications. Play Mooney or Kenmore? Ursuline or Collinwood? Schedule Harding or hide in the weeds?

Ask the kids to fill in the schedule. They're not putting East tech or Akron North on there. I'm sure they wanna test themselves against the best.

Personally, I would be appalled if my teams coach made such a decision.

It would be interesting to see what kind of schedules these ADs and coaches would put together if everyone got in the playoffs.
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