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I figured the crossovers would become a talking point eventually and earlier in the thread I already began the thought process of who would be good to add to eliminate the crossovers

I do like Harrison Central for the big, it is located to the south and is a consolidation school of former IVC members - and their enrollment fits perfect with the others.

The other one would be Conotton Valley, they fit enrollment and are located as close as any other small school.

This eliminates one cross over game and puts both tiers at 7 football schools which would lead to having a floating bye week....meaning a crossover game.

I feel Meadowbrook is too far which is what the league was trying to remedy by adding and splitting. Coshocton does fall into that category of close proximity but their enrollment seems to be at the ceiling and I am not sure if they would get the votes to enter. (this is claymonts chance to be the big fish - not sure they would vote yes)

the old "we will want to see how this works out first" is being employed at this time
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