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You are correct about Trail's record (and coach).

I looked in our local preview (Times-Leader) from last year about Trail and asked some of my friends who work at the prison who know some of their coaches...also apparently they are trying to work out a deal to play Harrison Central again. Pontius (their QB) was the "real deal". In their win over Barnesville he accounted for something like 700 all purpose yards 250-300 of them in the air and 6-7 touchdowns. Apparently last 3 or 4 games of season he played with a pretty bad ankle and they sat him for the West Muskingum game. Kid has a really good shot to see some playing time at QB in the OVAC all-star game later this summer. Apparently the up-and-coming QB played one of the receiver positions last year and will be a junior. Not sure what his name is though, but apparently he has played QB before. Take it for what it's worth - but apparently they have a very solid freshman back who may see some playing time. Maybe some split back sets with him and Snodgrass??? Sounds like they have good numbers for a d7 school. 40+ kids.
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