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Originally Posted by colorswitch View Post
I was eating at KFC tonight in Coshocton, don't sleep on ridgewood. They said slusser thinks this team will be better this year than what ridgewood was two years ago and the next two years are when things get really real. Sounds like ridgewood is reloading and they are gonna be ridgewood again.

Lol, I can guarantee coach sluss would never say this. According to him his teams are going 0-10 or 1-9 every year.
I mean one year when he was coaching baseball, a reporter asked him how his baseball team was going to be that year and he responded with "team won't be any good, but we do have the nicest baseball field in the IVC" lol.

Ridgewood is reloading, but it'll take some time. Might have some growing pains in the early part of the season, a lot of youth to grow.
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