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Originally Posted by BuckeyeVolleyball View Post
Falcon11, I never said Jefdar was wrong nor was I trying to make an argument. I said Jefdar, you might think the teams are down in Central Ohio but the player talent pool is there. My post was to mention some of the players I have seen play that I thought were having good years.
I was told the kid from Briggs does play right side for Vanguards 18 Gold Team. I saw them Play Watterson and DeSales, both teams were not that bad and they could not stop him. Now if they played a team like X, Elder, Darby, or Olentangy then I could see that happening. They did have another kid #3, I think that was not bad. As Jefdar said teams are down, but it is nice to see teams having some good players on them.
My bad, not trying to start anything. Just the way your post was worded seemed like you were trying to contradict what jefdar said. My apologies.

In regards to Sharfenaker (sp?), maybe he had an off day when I saw him - because he didn't play all that well (in my opinion) once the blockers started keying on him. If #3 was the other outside hitter, he struggled too. But then again, Briggs passing wasn't very consistent, so hard to get in a groove as a hitter when the sets are coming from different places each time.
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