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I understand stats don't tell the whole story. I have seen St X twice this year and Pung has not played up to his high standards. By my eye test, McCarthy has been St X best player with Huber, Pung, and Hilvert close behind.

Even last year, St X relied more on Pung yet he was more effective. Look at the stats on the league website to compare. So far this year he is 10th out of the 11 players in Kill Efficiency for St X.
This year, he is 3rd on the team in total attempts. Last year, he had almost double (725 vs 398) to attempts than anyone else on St X's team.

I understand that teams are keying on him, as teams ALWAYS do against other teams best players, but this year unlike last year he hasn't risen to the occasion YET (keyword: YET).
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