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Originally Posted by Brambleberry View Post
Pung has been outplayed by McCarthy and Huber at St X thus far.
When you watch St. X play, Pung is clearly the dominant player on that team. His ability to get well above the net provides an intimidating block and gives him the advantage on hits. He decisively kills balls. His passing is consistent and gives the setter an easy ball to work with. Most of their in-system balls come from Pung's passes.
Stats don't always tell the whole story. Other than their match against Elder, their opponents have lacked height and skill. Pung plays the first set and then sits. This gets playing time for Ferris' second string hitters to play with either McCarthy or Hilvert. Pung's skill level is so far above most opponents that it would be pointless to allow him to dominate every set and not give other players a chance to learn.
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