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Originally Posted by BigBulldog View Post
There is a difference between best TEAMS and best players.Texas has the best PLAYERS year in and year out.

And this can be proved and is proved every year.If you can't figure this out I feel bad for you.

Texas has the best players by far!

Feel bad for me...what is that all about! I could care less how you feel about me. Your discussion about the topic is what matters. You raise some great points. I've seen Texas football, been to Allen High School and many of the teams you mentioned are very good programs. At the time I posted my comments I made my point based on the rankings at that time. Right now I'd put Ohio's best DI team year in and year out up against any big school team from any state played in a neutral location. At the end of the day it's all about the best 40-50 kids who will play most of the game. I believe Ohio's big school champion has 50 football players that will match up pretty well. I think that's true for most states.

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